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who are we

We’re Mansellmade. A studio based on the outskirts of London, who specialise in brand strategy, design and communications.

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Since establishing Mansellmade over a decade ago, we’ve helped a good number of founders and teams to achieve growth.

Over time we have developed a tried and tested, collaborative process, that gives us confidence in our ability to get results, whilst leaving room for the flexibility required to allow for the quirks and nuances that are unique to each organisation.

Time after time, we’ve seen the brand process unite whole companies behind one mission. It turns out there’s a beauty in alignment that goes beyond the superficial.

By helping them to align toward their north star* so often we see our clients gain a new found focus, enabling them to reach internal agreement on a direction, clarify their key priorities and double their efforts toward the most salient problem they solve.

Who said branding was just about getting a new logo.

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about us

Reuben's portrait


Co-founder & communications director

Reuben began his career at a marketing agency which was, for many years, the largest buyer of Facebook ads in the world.

Here, he combined data with strong creative and branding to get results for world leading companies like Netflix, Spotify, Vodafone, AmEx, Dell, Sky and Amazon.

He still uses this powerful triad to create compelling communications for his clients today. Since co-founding Mansellmade, Reuben has continued to delve deep into what makes good brands quite so good.

His brands help clients cut through the noise, reach their customers’ hearts and minds, and achieve long term growth.

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Co-founder & creative director

With over a decade of experience, Jess has worked on the full gamut of design disciplines for clients in dozens of industries, across continents.

Entirely self-taught, she has a unique perspective which gives her a fresh and original style. Always rooted in a meaningful brand strategy, her designs are clean and contemporary with just the right amount of warmth and human touch.

Tenacious and devoted to the craft, Jess goes the extra mile for every single client, working tirelessly to build brands that move their audience to action.